Happy Tails - Scruffy


My Blessing in Disguise When asked to give a testimonial on my experience adopting my dog Scruffy, I jumped at the chance! This will give me the opportunity not only praise the great job Lisa Wheeler does at Andrews Rescue and Foster Care, Inc. but also give others and insight and understanding as what a remarkable and rewarding adventure adopting a pet can be. In my case a dog named Scruffy. Now I can write a book about Scruffy and I’ve he has only been in my life less than a year. Scruffy is a wonderful companion and addition to the family, family being me and my dad. I am blessed that Scruffy came into my life after a loss of my dog Lucky whom I was very fond of. I was really down, I was devastated. After deciding to find another pet, another dog, I started looking in the newspapers, local online for sale sites, around town but nothing seemed for me. Maybe it was too soon, but I kept looking. I happened upon Lisa’s website for Andrews Rescue. Here is where I saw a picture of Scruffy. Instantly I knew that was the dog for me. Hopefully I could adopt him and bring him home and once I made that final decision I gave Lisa Wheeler a call. That put the wheels in motion and once all the paperwork was completed and after all the proper procedures were met, I was on the road to Andrews to meet my new companion, Scruffy. To make a long story short, by far the best decision I have made in a long time. Being a first time adopter/rescuer, I wasn’t sure about how it would actually turn out. Now a few months later I know for a fact that adoption is the only way to go for me. Any new pet additions to my life will definitely be by adoption/rescue. Scruffy is so loving and he needed a home. What I didn’t realize is I needed him as much as he needed me. So, not only did Scruffy get a good home I too got something. Scruffy is my gift sent from heaven. He is meant to be where he is today. I believe he was destined to be mine. We have truly bonded in such a short time, almost instantly. To say the least, Scruffy is the king around our house. His smile brightens my day and his comedic yet loving personality is a joy. Scruffy always greets me with such enthusiasm to see me. He has such an excitement and love of all things. I get such a great feeling of pride and a warm feeling in my heart watching him play. Scruffy has made my life better. It has been said that when you adopt or rescue an animal, you save their lives. Well this may be true but what I didn’t realize is my adopted pet Scruffy saved mine in many ways. You ask if I will adopt a pet again. Absolutely! Pet Adoption/rescue is a remarkable experience that keeps on giving every day. Would I recommend Pet Adoption/rescue? You bet. I think everyone should adopt or rescue an animal. I have no regrets. If adoption/rescue might be of interest, I suggest giving Lisa Wheeler a call at Andrews Rescue and Foster Care, Inc. I want to say thank you Lisa for helping me with the adoption of Scruffy, my blessing in disguise.